Cotgrave Tournament Scores

2 years ago By Rik Stewart

Not that the scores matter but.......

All 3 squads showcased themselves on the YEL stage and represented themselves, parents, managers and the club, in an exceptional manner, with respect to footballing skill, sportsmanship and behaviour. The score lines matter little in what was a great day, and our thanks goes out to each and every individual player who all tried their very best in every game, and who worked together for the team.

However for those who are interested here are the scores.

BTYFC U7s Red:
0-5 v Dunkirk,
1-1 v Rolls Royce,
0-4 v West Br B,
2-1 v West Br A,
2-1 v Aspley

BTYFC U7s Blue:
0 - 0 Toton
0 - 1 Teversal
0 - 1 Hucknall
0 - 0 Cotgrave
1 - 0 Burton Joyce

BTYFC U7s White:
0-0 Moorgreen Colts
0-1 West Bridgford E
0-0 Toton Red
1-1 Toton White
2-0 Cotgrave
1-3 West Bridgford D


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Sat 13 Sep
Under 9's Blue Cotgrave
Tournament 0 – 0
Sun 17 Aug
Under 9's Blue AFC Vernon
Friendly 0 – 0
Under 9's Blue AFC Vernon
Friendly 0 – 0